Now that we are well on our way to the betterment of your health and managing your diabetes, let’s go over the next steps you should take…

The Primary Health Project was founded on and designed to create a truly caring, supportive, and tight-knit community for you on your journey to managing your diabetes, health, and overall lifestyle.

This is why Dr. Wu and the professionals of Primary Health Project invite you to

Primary Health Project
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But first, let’s go over

our membership packages

We even have a special offer for you, just for completing the 30-day challenge!

Our Basic Membership

$47/ MONTH

NORMAL PRICE: $139.00/month

Our basic membership includes access to our members-only website, which holds countless resources on how best to manage your health and life with diabetes.

You will also gain access to our members-only community page, where we have open discussions with medical professionals equipped with all of the need-to-know information on diabetes and healthcare, along with connections to others facing the same struggles with their health and wellness journey battling the same disease.

Our Premium Membership

$177/ MONTH

NORMAL PRICE: $379.00/month

Our premium membership will give you access to our members-only website, including endless resources on the best healthcare practices, information, and proven diabetes management options available.

Access to our community page gives you first-hand insight into the world of experienced healthcare professionals, as well as connects you to others who face living with their diabetes.
Plus, you’ll get a…

Customized, one-on-one video consultation with Dr. Edwin Wu himself.

Here, you can go over your medical history, labs, A1C levels, medications, and so much more. It’s your unique chance to personally connect with a healthcare professional who eats, sleeps, and lives for caring for and helping those who struggle with their diabetes.

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