Who We Are

Primary Health Project is a supportive and trustworthy community for people with diabetes committed to changing their lives for the better. Our diverse community of health experts and peers offer a safe space to educate, support and empower you in making healthy habits and alternatives to your lifestyle, alleviating the daily adverse effects of diabetes and allowing you to truly thrive.


Our Mission

Our vision for the Primary Health Project is to be a platform that educates, supports and empowers people with diabetes in the commitment to become their best selves, all with the guidance of a trusted and highly qualified mentor and a supportive community at their side.

Through being one of our members, our clients will accomplish the ability to:

  • Identify their personal health goals, whether they are broad or more specific.
  • Successfully implement the daily healthy habits needed to achieve those goals.
  • Learn how to confidently maintain these new habits to ensure their longevity.
Meet Dr. Edwin Wu, MD

Meet Dr. Edwin Wu, MD

Primary Health Project founder, Dr. Edwin Wu, MD is a critical medicine specialist based in Miami, FL. With a board certification in Critical Care Medicine and over 13 years of medical experience, he has recognized the ever-growing rate of people with diabetes in the United States and how it has hindered them from living their lives to the fullest.

Spending years working with diabetic patients and learning about their daily struggles, he developed a drive and a sense of purpose in making their lives better. But as a doctor with a multitude of patients to treat every day, he found that his patient visits were too short for him to be able to provide the guidance and support they so well deserved.

Unsatisfied with the amount of quality time and care he could provide to make a real impact on his patients’ everyday lives, Dr. Wu decided to take matters into his own hands. As a result, he started this business, centered on solutions to treat diabetes that go beyond taking daily medications and into the healthy lifestyle modifications you can make to accomplish personal health goals so you can feel better and, ultimately, be happier.