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We provide a community that educates, supports and empowers people with diabetes in the commitment to become their best selves.

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The more knowledge you have of your diabetes, the more control you have over it. Learn anything from basic diabetes facts to what specific modifications you can try to make diabetes... Read More more manageable. We offer a variety of courses that will make you an expert in no time. Read less

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We create a safe space for you to open up about all of your questions, goals... Read More, concerns and struggles. Our community of experts and peers are here to guide you, wherever you are in your journey with diabetes, in the commitment towards a healthy lifestyle that you can be proud of. Read less

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Making significant changes to your lifestyle for the better isn’t always easy... Read More. Sometimes all you need is a support system that believes in you and cheers you on at the sidelines. We make it our priority that you see your wellness journey through to the finish line and help you tackle any obstacles that can get in your way. We are passionate about making your commitment to a better, healthier lifestyle a reality. Read less

New to Type 2? We’re here to help.

At the Primary Health Project, we know how overwhelming being diagnosed with diabetes can be. Diabetes significantly changes your lifestyle, and adapting can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. When it comes to staying healthy with diabetes, you might not even know where to begin. But we’ve got you covered!

Having a supportive community of experts and peers who share your experiences makes all the difference. Our community is a safe space that educates, supports and empowers you to adapt and create healthy habits and alternatives to your lifestyle, alleviating the adverse effects of diabetes and allowing you to thrive.

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Join the project! Become a voice in our community. Make a difference.

At the Primary Health Project, we welcome any medical professionals to join our friendly community. Utilize your knowledge and expertise and become part of the conversation that helps to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Dr. Edwin Wu, MD is a board-certified critical medicine specialist with over 13 years of medical experience.

Having deep knowledge of diabetes and healthy living, he’s the go-to mentor you can trust in reaching and sustaining all of your health and wellness goals.

When you become a member of the Primary Health Project Community, there’s no stopping what you can achieve! All you need is the guidance and support to get you there.

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